Strolling staxx

Strolling Staxx Slot Game Review

Strolling Staxx is known to many experienced casino-lovers and bettors online. The game has been developed and provided by the famous company NetEnt and is accessible on more than one platform. It is available on PC, Android and IOS as well.

This is a classic/ retro themed slot game. It is a lot like the good old fruit games which have fruit symbols going across the reels. That is exactly the theme of Strolling Staxx. 

How to play

Like many other NetEnt slot games online, Strolling Staxx also has a total of five reels. It certainly has the potential win big, as it boasts of many as ten paylines. Not just that, it has an RTP of around 96 percent, but it can vary from 95.95 to 95.98 depending on the types of bonuses. The minimum bet stands at 0.10, but there is a big range for the maximum bet.

Similarly to other great slot games online, the idea of  Strolling Staxx slot game is to get the symbols arranged in a combination. The minimum combination permitted is at three. But the symbols on this game are different looking and have different values. They can either have low multipliers or high multipliers. The rewards technically depend on the multipliers of the symbols and the number of symbols in the combination.

The normal paying symbols on this game are the regular symbols. This includes J, Q, K and A. These have low multipliers, but the high-paying symbols are the cube-looking fruits. This includes the lemons, watermelons, plums, strawberries and cherries. These are symbols that help players earn big and the key is to often focus on these.

Bonus features

NetEnt are known to add some great special features into their games and this rings true for the Strolling Staxx games as well. The reel on this game has a small sign post to the side. As the game goes on, this sign post becomes another symbol. Once it gets big enough because of combinations, it takes up as many as nine positions on the reels. This allows for re-spins and allows for huge rewards.

The game also has a Second Chance symbol that can appear if players aren’t winning. The purpose of this is similar to the sign post. It sticks to the reels and helps in earning more.

Us at would recommend players to check out Strolling Staxx slot game and enjoy themselves with the great bonus features it has. Firstly though why not simply try the free play version on this page?