Butterfly staxx 2

Butterfly Staxx 2 slot review

Butterfly Staxx 2 is a slot game that is well-known to many of those who are interested in casino betting. As the name suggests, it carries the theme of butterflies and is full of bright and vibrant colours. The game is full of positivity and the very look of it can bring a smile on players’ faces. The game might look a bit childish at first, but these butterflies help players in earning the players best of rewards.

The visual work in this game is very appealing. Developed by NetEnt, the game carries a background of natural beauty and has some great sights to behold. Players can enjoy these while earning money on Butterfly Staxx 2. We, at OnlineCasino-euros.com, review many such slot games and we even review many betting websites around. 

The frames in the slot game are ornamented, making it look even better and classy. 

How to play

The game has five reels of four and has a total of as many as 40 paylines, making sure that players can earn a lot in this game. The RTP stands at 96.35 and has a low amount of volatility. The fact that players can win as much as 300,000 coins shows that if players win, they have the chance of winning a pretty high amount.

The opening stake can vary between 2.50 to as many as 125 coins. The higher the number of paylines players activate, the higher they are likely to earn. There is a high return guaranteed a lot of times and this makes the game a very reliable one for players.

The game has multiple symbols in it. There is the A,K,Q and J symbol. They aren’t the highest paying symbols. There is a glowing butterfly and three different types of flowers too. The butterfly symbol is the most rewarding symbol of the game and it completely doubles the potential reward for players.

Bonus features

A lotus flower can often appear in this game. That is a wild card symbol and winning combinations are completed when it replaces the symbols around it, but not the scatter symbol. 

When players get a full stack of butterfly symbols, they trigger the respins. These then go off to the left of the stacks and allow for the respins to take place. Players get a cash prize on the first respin. To unlock the second respin, the left side of the stack needs to be replaced by butterly symbols. Once this option gets unlocked, players get another chance to increase their winnings.

There is also a scatter symbol that helps even more. Landing these symbols on reel one, three and five works like magic.

The availability of these bonus features makes Butterfly Staxx 2 a very reliable slot game for earning big potential rewards. We, at OnlineCasino-Euros.com, rank Butterfly Staxx high in this regard. 

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