Cash-O-Matic slot game review

Cash-O-Matic slot game  is a very unique slot game that is well-known to many of those who are interested in betting. The developers of the game happen to be NetEnt and they have tried to be different and creative with this game, making it very interesting. The game is themed around mathematics and algebra. It has many mathematical symbols in it and that is what the game thrives on. It might look complicated sometimes, but we can assure you that the game is pretty easy to understand.

The game has a brown background and some soothing music playing in the background. It helps players operate in a better manner. The game gives the look of an old-fashioned cash or slot machine, giving it a unique look as well. We, at, look to review many such slot games. We also review betting websites and offer some great bonuses and promotional deals.

How to play

The method of playing Cash-O-Matic is slightly different to many other games. Instead of following the method of symbols, Cash-O-Matic follows the Avalanche scheme. Symbols come and fall on the grid instead of coming through from reels. When a winning combination appears for a player, this drops into the bottom and all the other symbols are replaced with the second Avalanche. 

This is a cycle that keeps on repeating itself throughout the game. The game actually has five reels with a total of 1024 pay-lines. The RTP ranges from 92.85 to 96.33 and there is potential for players to win as much as 2000 times than their original stake.

Bonus features

This game slot has a lot of bonus features in it. The most important one is the Multiplier feature. This activates only when players can get a row that is filled with winning symbols like minus one, two, three and four. The numbers on these figures will tell a lot about what sort of multiplier the player can get. Higher the number, the higher the multiplier.

When ten or more scatter symbols have been collected, a free spin option comes up. Every scatter is a free spin and these can be retriggered by getting ten scatter symbols more. And the multiplier depends on the number of scatters a player can get.

A minimum of ten free spins are awarded. And in theory, players can win as many as 18 free spins in this game.

The most important thing about this game is that the multipliers depend on what a player does. So in some ways, players decide their fate and the amount of money they earn. As a result, Cash-O-Matic has a low to medium volatility and there is certainly potential to win big, but it will depend on the actions of the players.

The game could have of course been better if not for the technicalities and algebraic calculations involved for multipliers. But we still rank Cash-o-Matic high for bonuses and potential earnings.  Browse our website for regular reviews of betting websites and offer some great promo and bonus deals. review here