A Guide to Slot Games

Online Money Games

If you have just discovered the wonderful world of slots, there is a good chance you might feel a little overwhelmed. Given the wide variety of choices, nobody can blame you. Luckily you came across this beginners guide to slot games. This short guide should give you a much better idea of what to expect.

How Do Online Slot Games Work?

First of all, online slots usually feature very appealing graphics and designs. They also feature a particular theme, which determines factors like the symbols you see on the reels. An excellent example of a slot with high visual appeal has to be Starburst. It can be a magical experience based on the design alone.

It s worth noting that they build online slots on specific and unpredictable metrics. The best way to measure the consistency in terms of how often a slot pays out is by looking at the RTP (Return To Player) percentage. However, just because a slot comes with a high RTP percentage, it doesn’t speak to the size of the winnings. In some instances, the payouts come slow, but they tend to be more significant and more rewarding.

Different Slot Game Systems

In addition to a wide variety of themes and designs, you are going to come across different slot game systems. Some are going to feature three reels, while others have 4 or 5 reels. Then you get what a called a “collapse” system, as seen in Gonzo’s Quest.

The point is to open your mind when you browse between different slots. Some of them have some very unique dynamics that make playing more enjoyable. And if you want, try the slot for free and give it a test-drive without risk.

Paylines And Jackpots

Another great thing about slots is the betting ranges. If you consider yourself a high-roller, there are games with some very impressive jackpots. Many players believe the higher your bet, the bigger the chance of hitting a solid win. But then you get progressive jackpots. These slots connect to prize money that keeps increasing the more people play.

With a typical slot game, a certain number of specific symbols will unlock the jackpot. But with a progressive jackpot, it can strike at any moment while you play. Of course, there are other big prizes to enjoy and play for.

Special Features

Every slot game usually comes with unique features that get unlocked with landing certain symbols in a row. Sometimes the feature can boost your winnings, or it can open another bonus game altogether. And if you want a slot game with great unique features, check out the Book of Dead or Bonanza.

As mentioned earlier, you can play the slot games for free before you start spending money. And this beginners guide to slot games will not be complete without a recommendation to try your free option. The game runs the same as it would if you placed a real bet.