Grand spinn

Grand Spin Slot Machine Game Review

Grand Spin is a slot game provided by NetEnt that consists of a colourful 3/3 reel. With high slot volatility and plenty of opportunities to win, it is certainly worth entertaining as the latest slot game to keep you entertained. 

How much can I bet and get back?

At Grand Spin, bets start from as little as €0.20, and players can stake as much as €200. The game offers three fixed paylines, as well as three jackpots, mini, midi, and mega. The mini jackpot will return players 40x their stake. The Midi jackpot will reward players with 200x their original stake, whilst the mega jackpot will net you a cool 10,000x your stake. This means that the maximum winnings from a single spin can be as much as €2,000,000 (Based on a maximum jackpot at maximum bet).   

Even if you don’t win big, the RTP ensures that you will not lose a great amount of money. The RTP (Return to player) is the amount which is returned to players, and is usually expressed as a percentage. For Grand Spin Slots, the RTP stands at 96.19%, meaning that for every €100 bet by players, €96.19 will be returned to the player base. This is a very high percentage amongst slot games, which means that the game has the potential to be low-risk, high reward.   

The “nudge” feature

One of the best features of Grand Spin is the nudge feature. On all winning symbols, the nudge feature can be applied. If the symbol on the winning combination is the same as the one above it, the one above it will drop down into its place, increasing your potential winnings. This feature will affect the reels from left to right, and will offer players far greater winning opportunities.   

Multiplier “Wilds”

Another great feature on Grand Spin is the multiplier wilds which are available. These are available in x2 multipliers, but if you manage to land more than one, they are multiplied together to give you an even bigger multiplier! For example, landing 3 could see you benefit from a x8 multiplier, which is just another lucrative reason for players to chance their luck on the game by NetEnt. 

Where can I play Grand Spin?

Grand Spin is available on a whole range of devices, whether computer, tablet or mobile phone. This means that you can continue playing wherever you find yourself, whether it be a morning commute or an evening in the pub. The game translates incredibly well between the devices too, not losing any detail even if played on lowest settings on a mobile device. 

 Other Options

As well as the standard Grand Spin reviewed here, NetEnt also offers a Grand Spin super-pot, which requires greater risks, but has the potential to provide even bigger jackpots than the standard Grand Spin game can offer. This is because it makes use of progressive jackpots, rather than the standard jackpots offered here. 

Overall, Grand Spin slot game is a great option if players want a simple, easy to operate and rewarding slot machine that has the potential to provide huge winnings on occasion.   


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