Mega fortune

Mega Fortune Video Slot

This game is all about the luxury life that most people always wanted: the symbols have to do with Western symbols of wealth such as jewels, expensive drinks and other goods that surely aren’t cheap.

In terms of beauty the symbols are a little below the NetEnt’s level of quality as the company is famous for some beautiful games that really stand out in terms of graphics.

Standard symbols like the Scatter and the Wild are Present.

Mega Fortune Mobile Slot

Easy games are normally good to bet using mobile devices and Mega Fortune is no exception: in fact it is one of the good points of this game the fact that it is a NetEnt product which normally is reassuring in terms of mobile gameplay.

Mega Fortune – Stats

The grid has 5 reels and also 25 paylines, the RTP (Return to Player) is quite good: 96.6% and if you take in account the fact that it is a progressive game, it is an even better figure.

The game uses the concept of coins to set the financial aspects of the bets which makes little sense in the era of digital slots; although the vast majority of the popular games still use it some clever developers are creating simple menus that avoid the obsolete notion of thinking in terms of coins: it would be impossible to earn millions with a game that uses metal coins but network games would rather need to spit out suitcases of money full of 500 EUR bills – that’s why our team doesn’t like much the concept of coins these days.

Spinning the Reels of Mega Fortune

To ignite the game and set the reels of Mega Fortune in motion you need to adjust the financial aspects of the bet using the buttons of the menu and you are good to go: you can also use the standard buttons of Autoplay and Max Bet to set the game faster.

Jackpot Bonus Features

One of the greatest things about the game are the most important bonus features that are related to the chance of winning jackpots: they are called Mega Jackpot, Major Jackpot and Rapid Jackpot.

Some other features are ignited by special symbols like the Wild but they aren’t as important as the jackpot features.


The game is a product of NetEnt which has some ‘consequences’ i.e. we know in advance that we will test a well coded game that will most likely run smoothly on any device whether it is a desktop computer or an iPhone.

The game has got a simple theme which may be good for the last hours of a long gaming session, but it is a bit disappointing for fans that are amused by masterpieces such as Gonzo’s Quest or Mercy of Gods.

We recommend testing the game as it may be a good addition to your collection as the numbers are good and the mobile gameplay is great. review here