Jingle spin

Jingle Spin slot game, as the name might suggest, is a pretty fun and entertaining slot game that bettors might know about. The game has been developed by NetEnt, who themselves are a pretty well-known slot game making company. Like many other NetEnt games, Jingle Spin slot game is available on many platforms. This includes PC, Android and IOS as well.

The game has a Santa Claus involved and that should say a lot about the theme of this game, in general. This Jingle Spin Game Review looks at the game through many lenses. We look at the game’s design, music and the many features it has. We also go through the RTP of the game and how players can potentially win big on this.

How to play

As hinted before, the game carries a pretty light theme and isn’t as heavy or intense as the other slot games. Santa Claus is a big part of this game and it is based in his mechanical shop, which has many Christmas-related elements on it. So in many ways, this is actually a Christmas-themed slot game that is very exciting for players. But that doesn’t mean that this game doesn’t have the potential to pay big.

To many, this game is actually a remake and upgrade on the Eggomatic slot game. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is actually a very reliable game. Much like Eggomatic, Jingle Spin slot game also has high variance and has the capacity to pay a high special prize to the players.

The game has a 3×5 reel format, which is pretty usual for NetEnt games these days. The game boasts of 20 paylines in total and the good thing is that every spin can help players win coins. It has an RTP of 96.48, which isn’t too high but still a very reliable number in the context of winning money.

The players have to land symbols in combinations on this game and this leads to them winning reward. The amount of rewards depend on the number of symbols on the combinations and the value of the symbols involved. Each symbol has a unique value.

Bonus features

The present symbol is the wild on this game and it replaces the other symbols on the reel, apart from the other special symbols. This is key to helping players win big amounts. The elves sit on top of the reels and making them happy leads to even bigger rewards. 

There is a bauble that often appears on this game and it can lead to newer things coming on in the game. Depending on what players get from this bauble, they can unlock some great bonus features and this includes free spins as well.

Jingle Spin slot game review

While this isn’t quite an original concept, but it still is a very effective one. We would recommend players to initially check out the Jingle Spin Free Play so that players don’t risk losing money and understand the game easily, before they move onto the paid versions.