Emoji planet

Emojis are almost a part of everyone’s daily lives as they are used in many different forms of messaging. Whether it is via an instant message of some sort, a comment on social media, or even in the form of marketing, an emoji can be used as a way of language and for someone to try and get their point across with added emphasis.

A movie was also produced solely on emojis – to varying degrees of success admittedly – and it seems NetEnt have decided to try and take advantage of their popularity in daily usage by providing us with the Emoji Planet slot game.

Emojis are the name of the game and our Emoji Planet game review will guide players in making sure they are able to use them properly!


Unlike traditional slot games, Emoji Planet is played with the cluster pays format across a grid that is 5×6 big. As it is a cluster pays game, there are no paylines or reels available (in a traditional sense) and wins are formed when matching icons are formed in blocks. This game just needs five icons to be matching within a block to payout, although bigger clusters will obviously pay out larger sums of money!

A cascading reels feature is in place, as well. Symbols will disappear after they form a win on each spin and new ones will fall to try and make bigger wins happening. This will continue to happen until no more winning combinations can be formed.

Players are able to test the format out if it is new to them via the Emoji Planet Free Play version, however those familiar with the method can get straight into the action with bets from as small as €0.20 per spin. Those high-rollers who want to see more reward for their money can place bets of up to €200 per spin. 

Naturally, the slot game’s symbols are all emojis, with two different pay-groups essentially formed. The low-value icons include the hearts, bombs, pizza, lips and a rocket. These symbols may have modest rewards attached to them, however they also have special features (discussed in detail below)!

The higher-value icons include the poo, the alien face and the face with tears of joy. Five of the latter symbol can provide players with a reward of 2x their bet, whereas a reward of 500x their bet if they managed to fill all 30 positions on the grid. Wild symbols are also available and these can fill in for any other icon in order to complete winning groups.

Feature Bonuses

As mentioned, the low-paying symbols provide additional bonuses. A cluster of five will feel the meter to the right of the grid and it will be filled after 12 are collected. A number appears next to the meter and this indicates how many times it can be used.

Once the spin comes to an end, if there are stored powers, they will then be used. There are five available:

  • Bomb: These will cause eight random symbols to be destroyed, with players earning an instant prize for each destroyed icon.
  • Pizza: This feature will cause a 3×3 overlay of a randomly-chosen symbol to appear somewhere on the reels, instantly triggering a win.
  • Kiss Mark: This will make three sticky wilds appear on the screen. Each of these can be used three times before being destroyed and disappearing.
  • Rocket: This will cause a stack of 10 wilds to be added on and above one of the columns on the screen.
  • Hearts: Your total win will be multiplied by the number of times you’ve filled the hearts meter, plus one.

RTP (return to player)

96.4% is the return to player (RTP) rate for NetEnt’s Emoji Planet slot game, which keeps in theme with other RTP rates they have set for many of their slot games. However, with the additional features mentioned above, players can expect to hit wins frequently!