Dead or alive 2

Dead or Alive 2 Slot Game Review

Dead or Alive 2 is the sequel to the original game, and takes place against a Wild West themed backdrop, involving traditional saloons and US streets. With five reels, it conforms to most other slot games, but the thematic twist as well as great opportunities to win mean that it is definitely one which you should give a second glance. There is a fantastic bonus feature, which involves free spins and cash prizes. What’s not to love?   

Dead or alive 2 Free Play

One of the great things about this game is the addition of Dead or Alive 2 free play alongside the full game. Free play is a fantastic option for those unsure about whether they will enjoy the game, or where reviews have not answered the question that they desperately wanted to be answered. Bettors can hop in to these games, and leave their wallet behind as they come to grips with whether this is a game on which they want to spend their money. A must for most people. 

The bonus feature

The gateway to huge prizes, the bonus feature in Dead or Alive 2 is triggered by finding three or more scatter symbols on the reels, which will reward you with 12 free spins. If you can locate one on each reel, you are rewarded further with 2500x your original stake. 

At this point, you are presented with three options: Train Heist, the Old Saloon or the High noon saloon. No matter which you choose, the premise is the same, and they all offer progressive multipliers, more free spins and substantial winnings. They are a huge reason that bettors flock to this game.

How much can I bet and get back?

Each spin can be powered by bets from as little as €0.20, with betting possible to maximum to €18. This is not the highest stake possible among slot games, with some offering stakes of up to €400, but the payoffs are worth it. With the high slot volatility and the huge number of wilds and multipliers available in-game, the possible returns are huge. 

The top potential payout stands at a phenomenal 111,000x your original stake. This means that when betting at the maximum stake, a total payout of €2,000,000 is up for grabs. Every. Single. Spin. 

What is the RTP?

The Return to Player (RTP) on this game stands at a very high 96.8%, which is slightly higher than the majority of slot games offered by other companies. This means that on average, for every €100 bet by players, €96.80 will be returned to players across all betting sites, although this will of course vary from individual to individual.