1000 diamond bet roulette

Roulette has always been a favourite amongst many casino players over the years as it has been a staple table game that has been offered. With the spin of the wheel and the number of options, Roulette always provides players with the thrills and the excitement that many do not experience from other games.

Playtech, though, have brought us a unique twist to this classic game which will certainly pique the interest of avid Roulette players. 1000 Diamond Bet Roulette may be based on the traditional game, however there are a number of unique characteristics within the game that make it incredibly exciting.

This 1000 Diamond game review will provide players with everything they need to know about this Playtech title, from how to play the game to bonus features and the return to player rate (RTP) all being highlighted.


1000 Diamond Roulette is available to players of all wagering budgets as the minimum bet that has been allowed is a value of 0.01¢, whilst the maximum is €50. For players who do not want to bet real money to begin with, there are a number of 1000 Diamond Free Play options available so players can get a feel for the game prior to the real action.

One of the unique twists brought to the Playtech title is the number of pockets, with an impressive 105 available. With the game layout exactly the same as one would expect when they visit a physical casino, the betting board is only slightly different because of the sheer number of pockets available. Some pockets include the 5 different diamonds, which are all bettable. The Jackpot Diamonds are the best value symbols, though, as these can return a maximum of 1000x the original stake!

Although 1000 Diamond Roulette may be slightly different to traditional Roulette games, the rules are still the same. Select the bet to place and then spin the wheel. Players can click on the options they want to bet on and then all they need to do is to click ‘Spin’ for the action to take its course.

Feature Bonuses

1000 Diamond Roulette game has a number of unique features that help to keep the gameplay experience felt by the player as high as possible. Although these features are perhaps not the traditional ones found, remember this game is anything but traditional!

There are ‘Auto Zoom’, ‘Lucky Numbers’ and ‘Quick Bets’ options all available to the player. The ‘Auto Zoom’ allows for the table to be maximised so players can get a better look, whilst ‘Lucky Numbers’ will automatically place bets at the corners and the borders of the number originally selected. ‘Quick Bets’ will see all the numbers on the same row and column all be chosen as the bet.

1000 Diamond Roulette bonus features do not end there, though, as there are the ‘Double’ and ‘Double and Spin’ buttons. The ‘Double’ button will double every bet that has been placed on the game table, whereas the other option will double the previous bet and spin the wheel again. 

As mentioned, this bonus features may not be the traditional features expected from other games, however they certainly help to improve the gameplay experience and make 1000 Diamond Roulette as easy as possible to enjoy. 

RTP (return to player)

Playtech have provided players with a theoretical 96.19% return to player rate (RTP) for 1000 Diamond Roulette. This RTP rate might be considered to be standard compared to a number of other games, however it is still appealing as it remains a rather high figure.